A photo project with friends

During half-term I met up with my oldest friends. We went to Your-Brick-Meets-My-Head’s house (you know who you are, I still haven’t forgiven you, and yes I wasn’t joking when I said I would give you all nicknames! ;) ). Our parents kicked us out of the house so we went up to the local nature reserve.
I had an ‘action’ competition coming up so Your-Brick-Meets-My-Head kindly let me borrow his camera.

We walked all the way up to the top of the nature reserve and took a few photos along the way.

It was a lovely sunny day.
It was a lovely sunny day!

Broad walk
The broad walks were new.

Here are the attempts at the photo for the competition. My brief was ‘action’ so this was my (with admittedly quite a lot of contribution from the others… ;)) idea:
At Kentwell Hall a couple of years ago, we were set the task to try and create pictures of people falling over/being projected by a ‘force’ from a person in the photo. (This had very little success due to babies and squabbling siblings!)
So madly I thought I would try again!! Here is the result.

jump 2
The timing kept going wrong…

jump 2
And timing again!

jump 1
This was the final photo that I entered into the competition.

Unfortunately the judge didn’t quite get the idea and said that it was just ‘thugs’ (YES!! That was his exact wording!) so it didn’t get a very good mark… (a 7 of which I was rather disappointed…)

But due to the nature of old friends teasing each other, ‘Rugby Ball’ (sorry couldn’t think of anything better… I will try and think of a new name for you but it is rather late and I keep being nagged to go to bed which is getting on my nerves and making me very stressed!) threw a stick at Your-Brick-Meets-My-Head and managed to draw a lot of blood… So we went home, but not without scaring a few members of the public, with a boy who has a copious amount of blood gushing from his head!

Feeling Rubbish

So here we have it…
I have not posted a post in over a year!
The most annoying part of it is, that it is not down to my own laziness…
My blog managed to get a black hole (I think) which a virus that meant i could not post any posts.
Thankfully after asking my father to sort out the problem (I wouldn’t be able to touch the problem with a barge pole without blowing up Asia!) and him taking a year to ‘sort it out’ my lovely friend’s mum sorted the problem out in two days!
So here we have it I am back to blogging (or my version of) so now you can all read my rambles. Not that there are any of you!
Hopefully I will be posting more very soon!
I have a few ideas and an exciting project up my sleeve that I hope I will actually get round to doing!

The Diddakoi – Rumer Godden

I wrote this a while back but could not post as my blog was playing up (more about that later).
So here it is!

I normally start my (very few) book reviews with the blurb of the book (copying a friend, hope you don’t mind(-; ) but the Blurb for this book, I feel gives too much away.

The Diddakoi is one of the few of the many books on my bookshelf that I have read numerous times. It never fails to make me feel warm and happy inside.

I came across it again after maybe 4-5 years after reading my Mummy’s blog (original post here).
Something I have been doing for the past few months is read her blog from start to finish. So far I have got through about a year!

The book is about Kizzy a gipsy girl, who lives with her Grandmother, in their wagon, in an orchard owned by a kind but shy admiral, with the old wagon horse Joe never too far away.

I love ‘The Diddakoi’, I find it really sucks me into the story making me feel like I am really there (which only happens to me if the book is really good. Mind you most of the books I read I think are really good so there is no surprise there! :D).

I really love how Rumer Godden is able to touch on difficult emotions in such an incredible way.

I love the way that the characters are developed so well that you feel you can predict their next word. Resulting in me feeling closer to them and drawing me into the book further.

(Can you tell I love this book?)

I really don’t feel I can do this book justice. It is such an amazing book that I am finding it really hard to describe.

Must note that this is no hard book to read, I read it in maybe 2-3 hours.
But I do feel that I have appreciated it more and understood it more the older I get.

Basically I really love this book and would recommend it to anyone and it is one of those books that should be read by one and all!

Missing Judy – Anne Cassidy


Kim Hockney has a secret. It’s to do with the terrible thing that happened eight years ago – and she’s never, ever going to be able to tell anyone. It’s bad enough she lost Judy. Her parents are careful not to say it was her fault but she knows they look at her and wonder what her little sister would have been like, if Kim hadn’t let her run off that dark afternoon. Judy never came back – but Kim still sees her: in the street in her pink fleece top, on the swings with her shining balloon trailing through the air.

It seems as if the family will never get any answers, until the day some new evidence turns up…

I loved this book I thought that it was written really well. It is written in Kim’s perspective: her thoughts, her friends, but mainly how she copes with coming to terms with having lost Judy forever. So she is told often enough.

When the police find Judy’s pink top under the paving of a front drive the search goes mental but they never find Judy’s body.

When Kim’s friend gives her some information from America Kim does all she can to work out the mystery.

The book led me to believe lots of different answers to the story. All of it fitting together but never quite making sense. Or did it…

The ending is lovely and is not what I expected until I read it. But when I look back on the whole book I can see why other characters worried or acted weirdly.

I would defiantly recommend this book as it has been one of the best books I have read in a while.
But I would say it is as I would put it a “daytime” book.

This book was excellent!!

Mini herb garden

Mummy and I made this mini herb garden for my Step-Grandmother’s (J’s) birthday. I might add that her birthday was a few months ago but hay the best presents are always late.
Here it is…



… In there is: Rosemary, Golden Sage, Chives, Tricolour Sage, Flat Leaf Parsley, Common Sage, Common Compact Thyme, Wooly Thyme, Basil, Marjoram and Golden Oregano.

Hope she likes it!

Yes I’m a teen but I still have fun

How old are you?
Are you a teenager?
Do you have fun?
What is your idea of fun?
Is it chatting?
Is it coming home after your curfew?
Only to be grounded for the rest of the month?
Or is it laughing at the girl who ran under the parachute because she was told to if she was having fun?
Or is it laughing at the girl who is spinning with her friend in the dark until they fall over?
Or is it following the stereotype, following fashion and getting you ears pierced because that’s what they all do?
Or is it sitting back and saying “No, I can’t do the water fight because I might spoil my hair.”?
Or are you the one who goes on a shopping trip and buys make-up and clothes?
Is that what you call fun?

This is me:
I’m almost thirteen.
I’m almost a teenager.
I have fun.
I chat.
I come home because what’s the point in getting grounded you’ll just be depressed in the long run.
I am the girl who runs under the parachute because I was asked if I was having fun.
I am the girl who spins with her friend in the dark until we fall over then laughing, sprawled out on the grass.
I am the girl who wears jeans, a baggy t-shirt and a bright stripy jumper. All from eBay and charity shops.
I’m the one asking you to join in.
I’m the one who on a shopping trip buys cheese because it tastes good, and goes around all 10 charity shops to find a old book.

I know who I am. I’m the one laughing, spinning, getting wet, climbing up a waterfall, lying on the grass, telling my friend that her halo is only there to hide her horns, being a tudor, talking funny and being completely manic.

I know who you are. You are stereotype, the one laughing at me.

But I’m the one laughing back at you, because I know how to have fun.

I’m the one having fun because I let the stereotype sit there and laugh.